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How and where can I get OPplus?

Sales and support will only be realized by partners of gbedv.

For which NAV/BC versions is OPplus available?

OPplus is availabe for the last three NAV/BC versions and the last three cumulative updates of each. Generally, it is possible to get OPplus for every version, you just have to be aware that downgrade costs for older versions will be charged to the partner.

Payment import

Does the CSV port functionality only support the import of bank statements and payment advices?

Of course not, it is also possible to use the CSV port to fill in many customized tables, e.g. post codes or customer.

How can I refund a wrong customer payment?

While using the extended cash receipt journal and standing in the respective line, look for the button „process paybacks“ in the menu line in tab „actions“. By doing so, a single payment will be generated, which is usable in payment export after posting the batch.

G/L Open Entries

For which G/L accounts would it make sense to post them with open entries?

Here some examples: transitory entries, cash transit, active apportionments between accounting periods

Are there any dependencies to other OPplus modules?

Yes, there are. If you set up a G/L account as an open entry account in the „payment postings setup“ in payment export module, you can see the amount, which is in transit on the bank account. In addition you are able to set up an accounting rule for the import of bank statements, which finds the account automatically and allocates the amount to the payments.

Extended Lists and Reports

The financial auditor wants to see a retrospective open entry list, which also shows how many of the entries are open now?

Use the integrated Excel export function. In Excel you can set up the list easily.

Would you like to know when a posting was generated?

See the field „posting date“.

Balance and VAT

How can you show a credit note surplus for customers or vendors on the correct side of the balance sheet?

For each row use the field balance position(?) in the ext.account schedule.

Do you have problems to balance the sales tax prenotification sales VAT advance?

Use the VAT entries accounting proof of OPplus.

Ext. Fixed Assets

Is it possible to reduce the costs of aquisition throughout the discount?

Yes, the fixed assets module considers these circumstances. Furthermore a correction happens, if the depreciation is booked before the payment.

Is it possible to book a scrapping instead of purchase (0,00€) for a disposal of a fixed asset.

Yes, there is a special mark for the FA, which will be shown by setting a „*“ in various reports.