Extended Lists And Reports

With OPplus Extended Lists and Reports, you can organize the display of entries in your general ledger accounts in a structured way and enter additional information enabling you to get higher transparency both on screen and in printouts.

The Extended Lists and Reports module simplifies processing entries by showing balance accounts directly in the entries, by opening sales and purchase documents without additional steps and by printing the Detail Trial balance.

To improve readability of printouts, you can use the Section Lining feature to visually separate lines. In addition, the module enables you to enter additional comments to the general ledger, customer and vendor entries and to subsequently change posting texts.

If you use OPplus Extended Lists and Reports in combination with OPplus Associations, you can benefit from additional practical enhancements: The combination of both modules enables you to show the open entries for a customer or vendor association, including individual subtotals. In addition, you can quickly view the open entries of central regulator by setting a filter on the respective association number.

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OPplus Extended Lists And Reports Module