Payment Export

The OPplus Payment Export module simplifies the process of handling payments and creates more transparency for your applied entries and associated payments.

You can quickly create payment proposals and batch jobs for cashless payments in just one step – irrespective of the file format and the payment direction and regardless of whether it is a transfer, direct debit or check.

The software can be flexibly adapted to individual needs and requirements: You can easily add new amounts to already prepared payment proposals and modify the predefined purposes manually. With the release function, you can easily restrict the number of users who are authorized to release payments. This way, you can control and manage payment approval on the user level.

If you use OPplus Payment Export in combination with the OPplus Associations module, you can also perform payments via central regulators. Furthermore, you can create payment proposals to automatically clear assigned customer and vendor entries against each other and then create a single payment for the balanced amount.

One of the key areas of OPplus Payment Export is the availability of multiple national and international payment formats which can be supplemented as required by adding any other formats.

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OPplus Module Payments (NAV 2016 / OPplus Version 10.00)