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Extended Fixed Assets

This module was developed to make standard asset accounting more efficient and convenient to use. Many things that previously proved inconvenient have been elegantly solved here:

  • Automatic consideration of certain settings in the case of subsequent acquisitions
  • Correction of acquisition costs in the case of cash discount consideration in the payment
  • Independent posting of acquisition costs or sales postings in the case of additional depreciation books, e.g. IFRS
  • Separated posting and display of scrapping and sale
  • Use of asset templates directly on the asset card or when purchasing assets

A special highlight is the possibility to include quantities in the first acquisition posting. There is no need to create 10 assets for 10 office desks, but instead you can simply record one asset for your office desks with the quantity of 10. Here, our partial retirement posting also proves to be particularly convenient, because all the necessary transactions are done by the system in a single step in case one of these 10 assets is retired.

  • Evaluations play a particularly important role in asset accounting.
  • Assets analysis with repostings
  • Inventory lists
  • Asset life cycle
  • Asset additions and disposals with corresponding values