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Do you believe that financial accounting processes should be handled as efficiently as possible? To increase the productivity of your company, you have made exactly the right decision with OPplus.

Payment Import

Typing bank statements or payment advices is inefficient and error-prone. Save time and money with the OPplus payment import. With this tool it is possible to post incoming payments efficiently and conveniently.
Recurring postings can be automatically processed via accounting rules.

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Payment export

While processing payment proposals, you have to keep an eye on efficiency too. The manual effort must be kept as low as possible and if compliance guidelines are to be adhered as well, OPplus is the ideal solution.

Many issues are handled automatically, such as the sending of payment advices, and are implemented conveniently, such as the transfer of payments to the bank via web service.

If you have branches in other countries, you will find a uniform solution with OPplus, which differs in payment transactions e.g. only by different payment formats.

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Whenever you deal with central regulators, the payment import/export in combination with the Associations module is the perfect choice.

Combining several vendors or customers into one association simplifies the whole issue of payments tremendously, as it does when a direct settlement is to be made between a vendor and a customer.

The application will automatically take the associations into account in the reminder processing, providing certainty, that no items have been overseen.

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Open G/L Accounts Management

There are many G/L accounts in Financial Accounting where items must also be applied to each other, as is the case with customers and vendors. The standard application doesn’t offer this feature. The user can only clear the accounts manually. With OPplus you will find the appropriate facilitation for processing these G/L accounts efficiently. Your auditor too will be pleased about closing date related Open item lists in the area of G/L accounts.

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Extended Lists and Reports

To meet certain requirements from the auditor, your users probably have to do a lot of manual work. This is where our module can help. With closing date related Open item lists and balance confirmations, which can easily be sent directly by mail, the workload can be significantly reduced.

The sales department can be relieved by e.g. reminder suggestion lists grouped according to the sales person code or a report, which shows the payment morale of the customers anytime on demand.

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Trial Balance and VAT

You do expect meaningful evaluations that you can rely on. The extended account schedules of OPplus give you all options you need. Through the simple set-up via account groups and a corresponding assignment of the account groups in the G/L Accounts the subsequent maintenance is simple and most convenient.

In the case of a VAT advance return for a fiscal consolidation, your accountants do not have to collect the VAT data manually. The system does an automatic collection of the data. In addition, the check before transmission to the tax office is functionally solved via a required account statement.

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Extended Fixed Assets

Whenever you use the Asset Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you gain a great benefit, if you also use the OPplus Extended Fixed Assets. This module reduces handling errors and simplifies many of the Fixed Asset related accounting processes. Quantities on assets or the reduction of acquisition costs in terms of cash discounts are very convenient additional features. The enhanced asset reports will satisfy not only your accountants, but also your auditor.

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Especially nowadays it can be of enormous importance to offer your customers the possibility to pay invoices through installments.
With this module you can divide a document into different installments with different due dates, both on the debit side and on the credit side.

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Do you do business in many companies and do you want to keep track of liquidity-related data? Then this module is the right solution for you, because here you have central and cross-company views of, e.g. open customer and vendor items, bank balances or Payments in process.

The module enables you to process and monitor all payment proposals from a central view. You can also reallocate payments that have been paid to the wrong company with a few clicks.

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