OPplus: Versiontable

Payment Import
New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Setup of up to 4 accounts in the account assignment rules
Use of Pmt. Discount Tolerance Days feature of standard NAV application
Import of Curr. Exchange Rate 'All' 'Last 90 Days'
Analyzing of fees in CSV port
Importing CSV directly into a journal
Differentiation Bank Branch Code/Account No. and BIC/IBAN in the Bank Import
Enabling Mapping on Field level in CSV Ports
Significant Part Doc. No. (Offset | Length)
Cash Book | Check negative balance per Posting Date
Percentage share of amounts in CSV ports
Check of Permitted Doc. Date
Use of Remaining Pmt. Disc. Possible instead of Original Pmt. Disc.
Integration of foreign currency enhancements | Original Factor | Gen. Jnl. Line
Use of foreign currency in G/L Entries
Creation of log file for bank import
Formulas in CSV Ports
Bank import in the CAMT format
Processing Delkredere
REMADV via Pmt. Import Interface | Adjustments via acc. assignmt. rules
Opening Currency Exch. Rates via Project Planner
Use of original currency code in bank import
Dimension correction in VAT Entries when performing Unapply Entries
Processing of SEPA Returned Direct Debits
Autom. processing of SEPA fees
Opening a batch before bank imports | Autom. retrieval from bank
Temporary local caching of import file
Direct entry of Ledger Entry Comments during posting (Ext. Cash Receipt Journal)
Improved processing of fees during imports
Separation of finished and open pmt. imports
Copying texts from documents for G/L account posting
Considering due days for installment payments
Importing OPplus advices via CSV port
Unapply Specific Payment
Expansion of SEPA Tags in Pmt. Import
Accounting Rule 'Last Dates Used' and 'Quantity Used'
Placeholder Prefix in Accounting Hint Text
Create Split
Check Tax/VAT Key from G/L Account
CAMT Directory Import
No Journal Increment
Pmt. Import Journal Archive
Unlimited number of additional lines per accounting rule
Alt. Application Method per Account
Standard Posting Method in Ext. Application
Always Fill Application Info
Extended Balance Query in the Ext. Application
Accounting Rule per Interface
Expansion of the payback functionality
Expansion of CAMT functionality
Accept payment discount tolerance with overpayment
Expansion of accounting rules (Rule per Field + alternative bal. account
Directory import in job queue
Delete Pmt. Import Journals
Integration of SEPA 3.0
Extended CAMT Import (Unzip the ZIP file automatically)
Unapply Dedicated Payment Entries for Payback
Change Payment Method for Payback Entries
Evaluate control characters in CSV ports
Extended Mapping functionality in CSV Ports
Extension of fees in bankimport
Applicate Partial Payment in Extended Application and Easy Match
Extended Application on Entries
Integration of SEPA 3.10 Changes in Pmt. Import
Define own field values in accounting rules
Two Stage-Import
Postprocessing Posting date and document number in Ext. Gen. journal
Print an excerpt in Pmt. Import journal
Input Bal. account / dimensions retained
New Quick search for ext. application
Sum over movement on bank account for better reconciliation
Use CSV ports to update / populate data
New Table "Imported Bank Accounts"
Update konfipay API
fault tolerance of konfipay
Import MT940 via konfipay
Search & Appy via Excel
Field changes cash book
Currency Import with proxy
Usability in Webclient
Rename Base to Pmt. Import
Initial setup with application method "Standard" instead of "Extended"
Seperate Button Next Application in General Journals
Revision of Pmt. Import Setup
New Setup Next Setup
Seperation Cash Book & Check Receipt Journal to Add. Gen. Journal Templates
Logfile in Pmt. Import without Path
Accounting Rule Processing from Purposes Factbox
Get CAMT54 Files via konfipay
Get MT940 Files via konfipay
automated retrieval of konfipay account statements
Gateway with file recognition
Optimization of processing order in bank import
Processing of flowfields and flow filters in the CSV port
New setup wizard for easy setup of the module
"Directory Import" in a SaaS environment (Blob Storage)
CSV Port - file encoding
CSV Port - automatic proposal of the field number
VAT (value added tax) Change tool
Detailed log file payment import
Association Payment in Payment Import
"Must contain value" in CSV Port
Search and Apply with Excel for all OPplus Application Windows
Search and Apply with Excel for all OPplus Application Windows

Search and apply with Excel also for Extended application on entries

Reverse transaction with different posting date

Fast entry in the general journal

Konfipay 3.1 API

Import MT940 modified processing for purpose text

New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Cust./Vend. Association - Open Entries | Subtotal per Account
New G/L Open Entries Lists for Associations
Entry of flow filters in Association Cards | Balance at Date (LCY)
Update Association Entries
Transit Account for Linked Vendors/Customers
Reminder with Associations
Ext. Application with/without Linked Customers/Vendors
Reminder Reports in OPplus area
Integration of Association Statistics
Changeover of the OPplus fields / No change to standard fields
Credit limit over associations
Credit Limit with Notifications

New separated facility table for the "Associations" module

Open G/L accounts Management
New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Enhancement of Excel export | G/L Account - Open Entries
Adjustm. of journal to standard NAV journal | No two Open Entry G/L Accounts
Change of G/L Entry Application to standard NAV application
Performance increase in the G/L Entry Application
New performance-improved G/L Entry
New OPplus 'Balance' field with drill-down into G/L Entries Rem. Amounts
Application Sum in Open Gen. Ledger Entries
Create a G/L Account payment proposal (with module payments)
Automatic application via own fields
Default Dimension for Gain / Loss Postings
G/L Open Entry Application via separate button in General Journals
G/L account clearing with document number
"G/L Entry Applies-to Doc. No." with Amount transfer

Functionality G/L account open entries - open single entry

Enhancement of the G/L account where-used list

Extension of Entry Pages (Shortcut Dimensions)

Extended Lists and Reports
New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Balance Acknowledgement enhanced by Totals
Excel export 'Detail Trial Balance'
Integration of standard logic for display of applications in entry reports
Excel export 'Detail Trial Balance'
Integration of association option in Bal. Acknowledgement
Differentiation of Posting Date / Doc. Date in Bal. Acknowledgement
Bal. Acknowledgements | Select Addresses
Bal. Acknowledgements | Reply
Balance (LCY) in Ext. Cust. and Vend. Entries
Integration of Pmt. Information in Customer Entry Card (SEPA)
Foreign Currency Totals in Balance Acknowledgement
Direct display of entry comments (Single Pmt. Bank Account (if applicable)) in Ext. Ledger Entries
Integration of Last Posting Date field
Foreign Currency Amounts in Open Entries List
Totals per Posting Group in Open Entries List

Expansion of Detail Trial Balances ˚ Excel

'Posted on' in Customer and Vendor Ledger Entries
Calculated totals also for remaining amounts (Extended Entries)
Extension of Open Entries Lists Excel Output(Output Balance Ending Date)
Extension of Open Entries Lists Excel Output(All Dimensions)
Send Bal. Ack. via E-Mail
Salesperson Code in Reminder
Integration of a dunning list
Cancel reminders
Default Length IBAN
Item remarks for asset entries
New field Balance confirmation e-mail BCC

Aged Accounts Receivable

Balance acknowledgement by e-mail - deposit of recipient for return letter

"Last Posting at" for Bank Accounts

Langauge Code for Reply Letter to Company Information

Trial Balance and VAT
New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Use of Placeholders in Column Layouts
Total Sum for Period Balance in G/L Accounts Su-Sa
Excel detail export for account schedule export
Classification of G/L accounts (assign account to account schedule)
Account Groups
Enhanced Placeholders for Column Layouts
Adjmt. Su-Sa | Excel export | Print and Excel export in a visually uniform way
Acc. Schedule export Excel | Suppress Export of Details without Entries
Acc. Schedule export Excel | Consider 'Show' field in Excel export
Integration of G/L Entries Accounting Proof
Company selection in G/L entries and VAT Entries Accounting Proof
Calc Beginning Balance option
Enhancement of VAT Check for income tax
Purchase VAT in subsequent month for 'Full VAT' and 'Income Tax'
Allow Doc. Entrance Date From/To
Account Schedule double underline
Changeover of the OPplus fields / No change to standard fields
Integration of Account Group 4
Dynamically calculate Accounts groups captions
Improved matching in the VAT Check
Integration of pilot in Sales / Sales Tax in Purchase
Default Doc. Entrance Date
VAT Entry Proof with VAT G/L Accounts
Use of the Extended Account Scheme for OPplus Functions
ELSTER functionality not in object delivery - App or C/AL separately
Account groups with KPI Webservice
Module name fixed on "Balance sheet and sales tax
New USTVA Form 2020

Simplified advance VAT return form

Adjust Exchange Rate Differences in Ext. Account Schedule

Payment Export
New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Adjmt. of Autom. SEPA Purposes | Blanks
Use of default country/region code in IBAN and SWIFT
Create SEPA CCT format
Transfer of SEPA data into single pmt. bank account
Integration of warnings in Pmt. Proposal Head
Integration of 'Limit Lines per Head'
Placeholder Purposes in Pmt. Type/Pmt. Method
Chaining of purposes by using '@'
New lines in purposes by using ''
Integration of SEPA due dates
Create 'Only Clearing Accounts' in Pmt. Proposals
Sorting of entries in Pmt. Proposals
Text Application Posting for Pmt. Type 'APPL1' and 'APPL2'
Pmt. Proposal release feature
Preset bank account for payment during posting
Integration of Payment Protocol
Use of 'Include On Hold' in Pmt. Proposals
Integration of SEPA schemes
Enhancement of Pmt. Proposal from a template
Preset of Mandate Reference for payment during posting
Deactivation of Pmt. Types in list
Copying Pmt. Proposal Totals into Payment Lines
Specify own reports for payment note and check print
Integration of mandate administration
Integration of SEPA reclassification
Creation of mandate history
Country table including ISO bank code
Integration of Pmt. Types MT101 and MT104
Creation of Payment Entries (for pmt. amount in transit)
Integration of new logic for advise of foreign trades
Creation of SEPA files in SEPA version 2.7
Enhanced EndToEndId feature
Considering SEPA due dates in payment files
Integration of Pmt. Types SEPA COR1 and SEPA EIL
Creation of SEPA file per mandate
Integration of SEPA Ext. Charset
SEPA mandate validity checks
Integration of TARGET feature in TARGET calendar
Calculation of Direct Debit Date for Prenotifications
Change of 'Limit Lines per Head' into 'New Head per Entry'
Adjustment of automatic SEPA purposes
Integration of Reporting into Payments module
Integration of Customized Payments for own payment types
Report for creating mandates
Integration of contacts into mandates
Option to set up Alt. Creditor Identifier
No. Series for blocking of bank accounts
Integration of Reporting into Payment Proposals
Creation of XML file or CSV file for reporting
Integration of Adjust. Due Date: COR1
Autom. actions for display after creating pmt. proposals
New placeholders for purpose heads
Integration of Pmt. Discount logic into Direct Debit Date calculation
No separation of Pmt. Proposal Heads when using the same bank
Open batch file after payment file creation
Integration of 'ISO Payment'
Improved bank account search in Pmt. Proposals
Allowing paybacks
Invalid SEPA characters via Setup
Direct display of bank accounts in Pmt. Proposals
Due balance checks during creation of Pmt. Proposal
Integration of new reporting
Pmt. discount in period
Report ID for Checks in the Bank Account Card
Separate File per Batch Posting
Mandate Comments
Autom. Suggest Entry in Payment Proposal
Autom. Linking for All International Formats
Combine Alt. Purpose from Bank Account (if applicable)
Simplified Payment Posting Setup
Payment Posting Setup by Currencies
SEPA Follow Up for Import Bank Branch Codes
Instruction Codes per Payment Type
Integration of IBAN only
Choose mandate-ID in Pmt. Proposal Head
Delete Reg. Payment Proposal
Seperate Texts in Reason Row creation
Integration of SEPA 3.0
'Valid to' in bank accounts
Integration of mandate usage
Split payment proposal functions
Merge Payment Proposals
Priority from vendor in the payment proposal header
Integration of SHA 256 Hash-Value Calculation
Extension of chaining purposes with ^
Create G/L Account Payment Proposals (with module G/L Open Entries)
Integration of SEPA 3.10 (also integgrated in OPplus 10.10)
Integration of Standing Order
Send Advice via E-Mail
Send Mandates via E-Mail
Payment Proposal in Job Queue
E-mail notification when creating from payment proposal template
Redesign SEPA / ISO
Employee Pmt. Suggestion
Usability for Pages in WebClient

Create Postings and Posts in one Step

Recreate AWV Files
Payment List and Payment Advice with Entry Comments
Card Pages for Schema Tables
Setup Wizards for Schema Tables
Renaming of the module in "Payment Export"
Revision of the Pmt. Export Setup
Integration of SEPA 3.3
Send ISO Files via konfipay
Dimensions in Standing Order / Payment Lines
ISO files - optionally output of structured addresses
Revision of setup wizards for schema tables
New setup wizards
Bank account search refinement
Splitting the payment methods with Konfipay
New setup field - BCC recipient advice
Use purpose heads also interlink
IBAN calculation Spain
Integration of the QR functionality
Enable QR section for multiple house banks
Split QR reference / ESR reference variable

QR functionality for SaaS

Performance optimizations for creating Payment Proposals

Conversion of QR functionality to Microsoft standard

Transfer QR code on OPP Service Invoice Report

New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Integration of Installments
Creating Templates
Shifting the due dates
Capturing in the documents
Subsequent recording in the entries
Due Date for Application Posting
Check Bal. Acc. in Payment Method
Transfer the payment form from the installment plan to the installment payment entry
Multiple cancellation of installments

New Report for Installment Entries Agreement of Installment

Note for Installment Reversal / Only for Original Entries
Extended Fixed Assets
New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Inegration of Assets Accounting
Payment discounts for asset purchases
Quantities on assets incl. partial disposals (via automatically generated new assets)
Default values already set depreciation until asset date
Separate display of scrapping and sales
Asset templates
Rounding of book values, which means adjustment of depreciation amounts to round off the residual book value to round amounts
Simplified cancelling of assets also via credit memos
Reversing transaction alignment and asset cancellation
Activating copy process transactions are automatically
Simplified reports
Activate copying and automatically book copies also in Sales
AfA calculation as a batch for several months
Preset the setup automatically
Partial departure with dev. Plant location and div. dimensions
Show locked attachments in the reports
Add quantity for old equipment
Excel Outout for Fixed Asset Reports
Transfer of the module to the standard delivery
All Changes transferred to the Hotfix versions
Support for partial retirement in various fixed asset journals
Acquisition and production costs for inventory-managed fixed assets with different tax rates "

Automatically transfer fixed asset after creation using template
Consideration of Bus. Posting Groupt and VAT Bus. Posting Group in assets Posting matrix Institution "

Asset preview with group totals

Multiple Payment discount
New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Integration of multiple payment discount
Recognition of merger discountability formulas
Evaluation in the Base Module (Extended Application and Easy Match)
Call from Purchasing & Sales Journal











Integration of the Module into OPplus

Various adjustments and corrections in the module

Across Modules
New Feature 10.00 11.00 12.00 14.00 15.00 17.00 18.00



Complete code redesign in the OPplus area
Rolce Center for Payment Import and Payment Export
Integration of ToolTips
Hyperlinks can be set up in color for each module
Available as App Extension
Webclient optimizations
Integration / Completion of ToolTips
Usability improvements
Integration of a new demo tool for partners
New Online-Help
New OPplus Upgrade Tool
Performance optimizations
Integration of the new Konfipay API specifications
New update tool for OPplus AL Extension (Important!)
Extensions with new demos in the demo tool
Various new publishers for own extensions
New Enum fields in the application
Further performance optimizations
Alignment version SaaS and OnPrem (App Name & App GUID)

New financial role center that connects Finance and OPplus

Using the company display name in reports

E-mail scenarios for OPplus

Konfipay 3.1 API

More Performance Improvements

New payment provider: Bizcuit

New module contractor liability (with us also WKA)

Adaptations in relation to Microsoft Business Central Wave 1 2022

OPplus 365 Cloud-Optimized Code

Creation of separated OnPremise Extension (Path-functionality)

Creation of the Trial Balance and VAT App also for OnPrem

Various code optimizations and publishers

Downloads (PDF until OPplus 15.00)