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Payment Import

These days, you should be using your time more wisely than typing down bank statements and payment advices. Instead, you should import these payment data electronically and let OPplus do the work. Whether you import bank statements in CAMT or MT940 format or process files from payment service providers, the system should take care of account assignment and clearing.

The flexible import interfaces not only allow you to import German bank statements. See a selection of the possibilities here:

  • Domestic and foreign bank statement files
  • Payment service providers, such as Paypal and Amazonpay
  • REMADV payment advices, e.g. from Markant, Rewe or Dehner
  • miscellaneous not payment related data via CSV-Ports, such as e.g. customers, vendors, postcodes, general journals, etc.

Great time savings can be achieved with the following highlights, among others:

  • cross-company imports via job queues, so that the user only has to process the few remaining lines that cannot be automatically assigned according to the basic reconciliation setups and by account assignment rules
  • convenient processing of returned direct debits. Manual effort is significantly reduced by finding the corresponding payment and by pre-accounting the charges.
  • For payments with cash discount, there are numerous simplifications and the possibility to allocate the cash discount amount to specific dimension values. The flexible set-up here allows the cash discount amount to be assigned to the invoice or to the cash discount account related dimensions.