FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find helpful information on frequently asked questions.


Where and how can I purchase the OPplus modules?

Sales and support are provided exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central partners.

For which NAV/Business Central versions is OPplus offered?

Currently OPplus is available for the last 3 versions and the last 3 cumulative updates. In principle OPplus can be used for all NAV versions, only the respective downgrades to the desired version will be charged to the partner.

Payment import

Is it only possible to import payment advices or bank statements with CSV ports?

Answer: No, basically you can use it to fill any table, such as postal codes and debtors. The following video shows step by step how to import a file with postal codes:

How can I pay back an incorrect debtor payment?

Answer: By clicking on the menu item 'Enter return transfer' from the acquired incoming payment for the respective line. In this case a so-called single payment bank account will be created, which can be used in the payment export after posting.

Open G/L Accounts Management

For which accounts would it make sense to post them with open items?

Examples would be: Items in transit, cash transit, prepaid expenses.

Is there a connection to other modules of OPplus?

Yes, if you enter an OP-managed G/L account in the payment transactions in the payment posting matrix, you can see on the bank account which amount is in transit. Additionally, when importing bank statements, you can use an accounting rules to make sure that the account is automatically found and the amount is assigned to the payment transaction.

Extended Lists and Reports

The auditor wants to see an open item list that also shows the amounts currently still open?

Use the Excel export of our lists, there you can set this accordingly.

You want to know when a posting was created?

Look in the items at our 'posted on' field.

Trial Balance and VAT

How can you represent credit amounts on customers or vendors on the correct side of the balance sheet?

Use the field per line in balance sheet.

Do you find it difficult to comfortably reconcile the advance VAT return?

Use the VAT ledger account statement of OPplus.

Extended Fixed Assets

Is it possible to reduce the acquisition cost of assets by cash discount amounts?

Yes, in the extended asset accounting this is taken into account. In addition, there is even a depreciation adjustment if depreciation was already posted before the payment.

Is it possible to post a scrapping instead of a sale only (with 0.00 €) for an asset retirement?

Yes, there is a separate flag for this in the asset and in the posting, which is also represented by a * in various reports.