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OPplus Releases International Energy for Axpo

Conversation with Paul Limacher, Business Consultant ERP Logistics

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Made a coffee today, turned on the lights, or heard the news on the radio? For all of these and many other things, you need energy. In most cases in the form of electricity. Today, nothing works without energy, especially electricity. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. However, exactly this energy is what our customer, the Axpo Group, provides!

Axpo is an international energy service provider headquartered in Switzerland. The Axpo Group produce, trade and sell energy for more than three million people and thousands of companies in Switzerland and in more than 30 European countries. Around 4,200 employees combining with the expertise of 100 years of climate-friendly electricity production give Axpo the innovative strength to continue a sustainable energy production in future.

You will find this energy in the financial area of Axpo also. In order to work innovatively and sustainably in finance and accounting the holding and its independent subsidiaries were looking for a flexibly adaptable and internationally applicable solution. Axpo found it at Orgavision in Luxembourg, who presented and offered gbedvs‘ solutions. The modular structure and the adapted customization options allow a quick and easy international rollout. In addition, OPplus offers a high degree of automation, thereby minimizing the susceptibility to errors in postings.

With OPplus, we use a very efficient way to handle international payments. In the holding itself and in our subsidiaries all across Europe.

Paul Limacher

Other countries, other manners. In payment words: Different countries, different file contents. Despite global standards, such as ISO 20022, the file contents varying, depending on the country and bank, so that the data requirements are very often different. Almost every bank requires a different payment file format or different information to be given in the files. In Bulgaria, for example, they expect different information in a file than in Romania, France, or even in Germany.

In cooperation with Orgavision, the gbedv team has managed to map the corresponding adjustments and expectations in OPplus for correct payment files. The expected contents of an ISO payment format (international format) in the payment schemes are parameterized, so that the payment- and header information will be written correctly into the payment file. According to the setup, the files will be accepted for an electronic payment process of the bank. This solution can be modified for many countries requirements.

A very big advantage, especially for Axpo! New subsidiaries from different countries can be added easily to the holding now. For this purpose, an international database (W1), including OPplus, was developed in the headquarter in Switzerland. This database means a template for implementation for international rollouts. If Axpo builds a new company, they use this template and rework it according to the country specifications. Axpo thus significantly minimizes costs and time expenditure for the implementation. An efficient payment transaction process is one of the most important activities for opening a new subsidiary. Axpo did this successfully in many countries, such as Luxembourg, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, and more.

In some east European countries, like Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic, specific formats have to be developed, because there they use different currencies, characters and file structures.

The subsidiaries of Axpo work independently and therefore they often have different requirements in terms of financial accounting. For this reason, the modules can be implemented according to the respective needs. With this strategy recommended by Orgavision, most of the implementation processes run smoothly and very quick.

However, there is one thing all subsidiaries have in common. Exporting payment files, reading and importing bank statements. Thanks to OPplus both happens automated and error-free. The created payment files from the subsidiaries will be released in the headquarter for payment. Other way round, the bank statements are imported in the headquarter and distributed to the individual companies for posting. Axpo achieves a degree of automation regarding bank reconciliation and allocation of open items of around 90 %.

The use of our modules at Axpo shows the core competence of OPplus very clearly. Comfortable and easy-to-use solutions for financial accounting processes. These processes are not bound to limits. Therefore, we – the gbedv – are not bound to borders!

Together with Orgavision, the gbedv team is very pleased, that the OPplus modules help to organize the international growth of the Axpo Group and give a contribution in developing and integrating new companies abroad.
We wish the Axpo Group continues working successfully and we are very thankful for this cooperation.

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Paul Limacher, Business Consultant ERP Logistics

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