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OPplus In Retail Sector At Nanu-Nana

Conversation with Andreas Bull, Team Leader Finance and Accounting

In nearly every city in Germany, you will find their stores. Nanu-Nana characterizes many shopping streets with its strikingly huge, red-yellow lettering above each entrance door. According to the motto have fun with decorating, they sell fun and present articles as well as ideas for decoration. Nanu-Nana currently runs shops in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland. Moreover, they sell the articles throughout their own online shop on their homepage.


For almost 50 years, the company has impressively succeeded in constantly adapting to changing market conditions, without sacrificing a certain consistency. In fact, it is absolutely necessary to adapt the processes, in order to work over the masses of transaction data efficiently.

Recommended by the NAV partner, they decided in 2013 to use the comfortable modules of OPplus as replacement for an existing payment module. A main reason to change the payment processes, was, that the modules of gbedv are more flexible, as well as the possible application options, given by the modular design of OPplus.
After a personal introduction and some training, Nanu-Nana was and is in the position to implement new companies according to their requirements easily by using the detailed documentations for each module. They don’t need any further support.

The biggest benefit we have with OPplus is the minimization of accounting effort due to the automatic account allocation and automatic clearing.

Andreas Bull, Team Leader Finance and Accounting

Nanu-Nana uses our modules Basic (with unlimited interfaces), Payment Export, Foreign Payments, G/L Open Entries, Ext. Balance and VAT, Ext. Lists and Reports and Ext. Fixed Assets.

To understand how they use our system, you need to know how they work internally. Each store is a separate company in their system. In addition, Nanu-Nana built a headquarters to distribute outgoing and incoming payments (files) to the stores (companies). That means, that they are working across companies out of the headquarters. Quite many companies!

To build that system up, they chose our OPplus Basic module with unlimited interfaces. Now they are able to set up as many as bank interfaces and CSV ports as needed. Each interface is set up on their own by using the OPplus manuals. They created a test company to prepare many set up possibilities, before copying them to the companies.

We have to highlight that our Basic module now ensures an entry allocation quote of 90 – 95 % at Nanu-Nana. That saves a lot of time for their accounting staff. The bank statements are imported as MT940 files through the default OPplus interface easily.
According to the respective setup of the interfaces, the statements are distributed to the relevant stores (companies). Nanu-Nana uses the easy match function of the extended application page to get a better overview of the entries per customer and to make the matching simpler, in case the system does not find the entries automatically.

For credit/debit card transactions Nanu-Nana uses CSV-ports. The data will be transmitted and the CSV port setup allows to correctly write-in the files NAV conform.

Nanu-Nana uses several clearing accounts. Our G/L Open Entries module brings benefit to Nanu-Nana not only by being able to build up open entries on G/L accounts, but also by reconciling these entries automatically. This module in combination with the Basic module saves a lot of time regarding the allocation of entries to the right account or customer/vendor. It also minimizes the error quote by its automation options and helps to get a better overview on account balances. The information can be provided for reporting at a short notice.

The comprehensive options to build the payment files are a very big advantage for Nanu-Nanu. They optimized their payment processes in order to react flexible on different reason rows in the payment files. As a trading company, they have transactions with various countries. Especially China, where they buy lots of articles in huge masses to rework and resell them in Germany. Such transactions often lead to currency exchange rate differences, which are now cleared automatically by using the payment modules of OPplus.

To get a better overview on the fixed assets of each store, Nanu-Nana started to work with the respective OPplus module Ext. Fixed Assets. Now they have a centralized look on every single asset. Moreover, they post the depreciations centralized, which means less effort with a higher process quality. The copy function as well as the template function of that module makes it easy to create and work over new fixed assets. This saves a lot of time and nerves. You might imagine that only with tools like OPplus it is possible to build up that kind of system for approx. 300 stores without much more effort.

We are very pleased to have a long-standing customer like Nanu-Nana, who successfully uses many of our modules. For us, this is a further proof that we are on the right track. Nanu-Nana shows the benefits and added values, that our solutions are able bring to our customers.

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Andreas Bull, Rechnungswesen, Teamleiter Finanzen

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