OPplus At Weber-Stephen

Saving Time With Minimized Payment Transaction Effort For Weber-Stephens

In a conversation with Martina Jungfer

Senior Accountant Credit & Collection, Finance

Since 1952, the company Weber-Stephen-Deutschland GmbH offers the perfect barbecue experience: First-class know how, a unique product variety and the enthusiasm for everything round that perfect barbecue. In the beginning, it all started with a simple buoy, out of which the first kettle grill has been developed. Its design characterized the classic BBQ so sustainably, that it is nowadays truly some kind of a lifestyle.

Weber´s famous kettle grill

As a market leader with a wide range of products and services, Weber today is an international synonym for innovation regarding barbecue topics. Including subsidiaries in more than 40 countries, located on every continent on earth, Weber develops a cross-bordered cultural asset out of a simple idea. Thinking about Weber, you might think about a wide, green field. Surrounded by good friends. Good music accompanying good conversations. In short: you might think of a good time!

So, how does our product OPplus fit to the Weber-Stephen-Deutschland-GmbH? Where is the link?

To answer that question, we had a glimpse behind the scenes and talked to Martina Jungfer, Senior Accountant Credit and Collection, Finance. Even a world market leader like Weber has to post incoming payments, pay the invoices and allocate the postings to the entries. Of course – as a global player – Weber is permanently looking for possibilities to optimize the processes within their business. That is what OPplus does: it optimizes the financial management processes.

With OPplus, we are currently booking around 1,500 incoming payments in 10-15 minutes. For this, we used to have 2 to 3 working days before we worked with OPplus.

Martina Jungfer

Weber works with our modules Payment Import, Payment Export, Associations, G/L Open Entries, Foreign Payments and Swiss- and Austrian Payments.

In a time before OPplus, every incoming and outgoing payment had to be posted manually. Even the open entries matching to the documents had to be done manually. Trust me, everybody, who ever had to post 1.500 payment import lines manually, knows, how annoying that kind of work is.

By using our Payment Import module, the customer payments are allocated automatically to the open entries quite effortlessly. Because of that, Weber just needs about 15 minutes posting time for about 1.500 incoming payment lines. Only with a few parameters in the settings. Now all the bank statements can be imported and posted automatically. Weber first lets the system search for the document numbers. If these are not available in the bank statement, the customer number will be analyzed and the system allocates the line to a customer. This is an easy way to match and post the open entries to a customer payment line. With OPplus Weber had reached quite fast an automatic allocation quote of more than 70%. Means, that their effort to work over the bank statements has been minimized significantly. 2-3 working days can be planned for other topics now.

Besides that, Weber-Stephens works very intensively with our module Associations combined with our Payment Export module. To speed up the accounting processes, they connect creditors with a debit balance and vendors with a credit balance to an association. In addition, multiple vendors and multiple creditors will be connected to a vendor/creditor association. Our solutions shows that even elaborated processes will be simplified.

Weber-Stephen-Deutschland GmbH also takes advantage of the opportunity to work homogeneously in Switzerland and Austria with the help of appropriately optimized payment transactions. Overall, a large number of subsidiaries in the DACH region (German speaking countries) are working with OPplus and the aforementioned modules!

The entire gbedv team thanks Weber-Stephen-Deutschland GmbH for these great insights into the company’s processes, especially those of financial accounting. We are happy and a little proud that such a successful company as Weber Stephen-Deutschland GmbH uses our products. We feel that we are also part of this success story, because together with Weber, OPplus is grilling the payment transactions.

Weber-Stephen-Deutschland GmbH

Martina Jungfer, Senior Accountant Credit & Collection, Finance

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