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General Information

Release Information

The current release information can be found in the separate online help section of the releases. You can access this at any time online.

Current Version

Version 17.1700.201123.1 is used in the App/Extension version.


The following modules are available in the OPplus 365 app for Microsoft Business Central 365:

  • OPplus Pmt. Import
  • OPplus Pmt. Export
  • OPplus Pmt. Export UK BACS
  • OPplus Pmt. Export CH
  • OPplus Pmt. Export NL
  • OPplus Associations
  • OPplus G/L Open Entries
  • OPplus Views And Lists
  • OPplus Trial Balance and VAT
  • OPplus Installments
  • OPplus Multiple Pmt. Discounts
  • OPplus Treasury


You can buy OPplus in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • England
  • Spain

You can request additional country versions for OnPremise at any time from our support team at


Our app can be found in the AppSource. Just search for OPplus 365.

Or klick directly Link.

There you can download and install the app.



You can activate the license using your tenant ID. Please report this to [] (mailto: